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MTG Art by T. Nielsen – Time Spiral and Dissension


I didn’t much enjoy this set where everyone looks like they’re starvin’ to death . . . they all seemed like concentration camp victims.  I
like making bodies look beautiful.  I kept wanting to invite them over
for Thanksgiving dinner.

I just don’t like thinking about people starving or being tortured, and it was hard not to think about that while I was painting.

As per usual, here’s some info I received from the art director when I got the assignment:

Magus of the Candelabra

TITLE: [Sage of the Candelabra]*
Color: Green
Location: none
Show a mysterious, powerful, green-aligned human figure. This is the
‘patron saint’ of SNAP GREEN, and the guardian of a powerful artifact.
The figure is holding in his/her hands the fabled Candelabra of Tawnos.
Focus: the guardian and the artifact
Mood: Ancient, wise, calm.
Notes: LINK to Candelabra of Tawnos, art ID 395.
do what you can with this crappy looking candle, but it MUST be
recognizable. The figure should be the paragon of green design…
please take the style guide ideas (emmaciated, hempen clothes, native
adornment) and create a UNIQUE paragon of snap green. Please don’t shy
away from the emmaciated anatomy.

–I was prompted by the art director to use "Alien" as a springboard for how to approach the design of this creature. I thought the first sketch I did for it looked cool. In the end I guess they were looking for something that was just sort of a stumpy legged creature. O.k……

TITLE: [Protomorph Crawler]*

Color: Blue-aligned, but really colorless

Location: your choice

Show a giant version of a "morph spider" moving toward the viewer. At
its feet (or perhaps on it!) are a number of other, smaller morph
Focus: The Queen Morph Spider!

Mood: Like a bizarre nightmare

Notes: terese, think the queen Alien from the movie. unique,powerful and
distinctive, but spawned from the same design sense (maybe it has a
double row of legs, or an  extra upward pointing corona of them. go to
town 🙂

Spell Burst

TITLE: [Spell Implosion]*

Color: Blue

Location: None, or your choice

This is a new version of the old Spell Blast card, "the thinking mage’s
version of brute force." It cancels an enemy’s spell by causing it to
implode. Represent this how you think is best. One idea is to show a
green-aligned shaman (or any color BUT blue) mostly obscured by the
blast of her own failed spell.
Focus: the spell implosion

Mood: All that effort wasted in a flash.

Notes: This is a loose homage to the art Snoddy did for # 236 but in the new Post-apocalyptic setting.


Mistral Charger

Location: up in the sky
Action: Show a pegasus at full gallop through
the sky. Please choose a coat other than white — palomino, pinto,
black, whatever.
Focus: the pegasus
Mood: The only wild animals left on
Ravnica are the ones native to the sky.