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Terese Nielsen Magic the Gathering Art: Morningtide – Shinewend


It was the weirdest thing to
combine . . . a lamb with butterfly wings, and I wasn’t suppose to put much in the way of features on
the face of the lamb, which I found very painful.  How do you
express something when you take away the part (face) that shows expression?  (See the sketch)

Color: white creature
Action: This creature is an elemental, which on Lorwyn means it’s a strange hybrid of surreal and animal elements that represents the "living magic" of an idea, thought, or dream. This elemental consists of the body of a large lamb-like creature with three sets of huge butterfly wings (three wings on each side of the body) and a featureless face. It must have some elements of intangibility, surreality, like it might be a hallucination.

I had fun with lots of swirly
magic stuff.  I had assumed that this must be another spell card, or a creature or
something. They don’t always tell us what kind of card we’re getting.

This was so funny because Mike & Wendy emailed the day of
the pre-release.  (They own a lot of my
original sketches and they’re some of my favorite collectors . . . so
delightful to be around, and always bringing me Starbucks cards, water,
foil cards, etc. at events when I see them).

The email said that "Wendy’s name is all over this card".  I didn’t
even know what they were talking about at first . . . I had to Google it because I only knew it by it’s secret code name: Sign of Sustenance.
After I found out the new card name I understood what Mike was saying. So they sent me a foil card straight away and it was the first one of these cards that I signed. I altered the cards name to say "ShineWendy!"