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We've launched our long-in-the-works Tokens of Spirit, Kickstarter. The project went live on May 14th 2019! It's a project that is near and dear to my heart. Creating this art has allowed me to explore and experiment with many mediums and stylistic approaches, while also being able to feature it on products that my beloved fans can use and enjoy! It's truly a dream come true for me. 

I've teamed up with Josh Krause, (the project manager) founder of the Original Magic Art Store and a Kickstarter veteran, as well as Vianki Bruenderman, (visual designer) at Vianki Studios who is blowing me away with her gorgeous graphic design work for Tokens of Spirit

The Kickstarter project includes sets of tokens (foil and non-foil), playmats and archival prints available to choose from. Please go check it out and if you have friends who play Magic or enjoy art I would be most grateful to have you share it with them. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for all the support that everyone has been blessing me with. You all, truly, make my life a beautiful place!

For frequent updates regarding the project you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Click here for the link to the Kickstarter


Signed and numbered, artist proof cards are now available for the exclusive SDCC 2018 promo cards. 


LARGE, frame-ready, 18x24" prints of the San Diego Comic-con Exclusives. 

I just got them in, and they look AMAZING! We’ll start shipping when I return (from SDCC) on JULY 25th in the order in which they were received.

The original art and sketches will be auctioned on Ebay in the upcoming days/weeks. I'll post when those go live on all of my social media accounts. 



This FALL 2018 I'm joining the ‘SmArt School’ team of instructors teaching live online Monday nights, 4pm-7pm Pacific Standard Time. I'll work with each student one-on-one as well as share my own approaches and processes. Spots are limited. Click the link for more information.  **Students who sign-up for my class also have the opportunity to monitor another class from one of the other phenomenal instructors, FREE. Including: Rebecca Leveille Guay, Donato Giancola, Greg Manchess, Greg Ruth, Dan Dos Santos, Todd Lockwood, Marc Scheff and Scott Fischer! 


We're excited to announce that we've added two new playmats to the store, Hanna, Ship's Navigator and Descendants' Path

Also for those inquiring about prints of the new Eternal Masters: Force of Will. They will be available April 1st. 


The elves are busily shipping orders every day prior to Christmas. All orders placed before 3:00 PM PST go out that same day. There's still time for Christmas gifts to arrive using first class and definitely priority! We've had some great 24 hour sales on our Facebook page. That's always the best place to see news and deals first. 

I also wanted to let people know that I will be attending Grand Prix Oakland in January. I'm currently working out details for a few more events in 2016 so please stay tuned. 

May you all have a wonderful holiday season. I appreciate all the fantastic people that connect with me on all the various social media platforms and venues I attend. Your excitement inspires me and I am honored to be part of such an awesome community!

Peace and blessings,



For those checking in on the availability of the original painting and sketch for the new From the Vault: Angels; Akroma, Angel of Wrath and Akroma, Angel of Fury, the auctions are currently live on eBay right now. We've listed Angel of Wrath (the painting and the sketch) first. Angel of Fury (sketch and painting) will be listed Friday July 31st. Both auctions will run for the 7 day period.

Also anyone that enjoys playing along in the "Auction Guessing Games" hosted by OriginalMagicArt.com for the 4 Akroma pieces (2 sketches and 2 paintings) pop on over and submit a guess. Prizes will be limited edition prints of both angels as well as artist proof cards with little sketches on the backs "if" I get artist proof cards for this limited special set. I won't know that until the cards are officially released. 

If you enjoy peeking in on the process of creating the art for these cards, check out the "Art in Focus" article on OriginalMagicArt.com's page. One of the questions I get asked more than any other when at a signing is, "So do you just paint whatever you want and Wizards puts it on a Magic card?" This write-up gives you a clear picture of how the process works. 

Limited edition prints will be available here in the store soon. Please stop by here, or follow me on my Facebook art page or Twitter to find out first.

I promised myself last year, that this summer I'd save out time to enjoy lots of camping, cruising around on our Harley, taking our truck out with friends for amazingly gorgeous 4x4 exploring, driving to northern Utah for a family reunion (several days with family, Razors and jet skis) at Bear Lake. I mean, does it get any better?!  It's been awesome so far! Have a great summer everyone!! 


NEW Limited edition 13x19" archival prints now available! Several of these have been added because we frequently get asked if there is a larger version, so now there is! :)


We're back from Grand Prix Charlotte. Many thanks to all of you who stopped by my table to say "Hi"and have things signed. I had a great time giving away an altered "Grumpy Cat" Force of Will, a large Judge Lands canvas print, a large 17x22" limited edition "Eternal Witness" print and a "Force of Will" playmat! Fun! Right?! If you'd like to keep up with some of the silly "goings on" at my events please do that follow-y thing on Twitter or Instagram or my FB page. I have to say, I love attending events hosted by Star City Games. Anything they run, that I've attended, is always top notch. They make it especially easy, fun and enjoyable for Dawn and I to be there. Five  stars for Star City Games!!

O.K. quick announcement. The very popular "Force of Will" playmats are now available and in the store. If you'd like yours signed please select the "signature" option in the 
drop down menu. I'm currently signing them in a thick black marker. I'm looking for a large gold pen that looks "good" on these, but thus far I haven't found one that works well. The gold pens tend to soak into the cloth and look like a weak brown. If I come across one that I like, I'll list a gold signature as an option.


We're super excited to announce the addition of a VERY frequently requested product (at the printers right now) that will be available first, at the Grand Prix Charlotte signing June 12-14th!! Check it out! "Force of Will" playmats! We're hoping to still have some available for website sales after the event, as we're aware that not everyone that wants one, will be able to attend #GPCarlotte. Please stay tuned here or on my FB page for more information as it becomes available. 


My next big event is
Grand Prix Charlotte. I'm excited to see many of you there! We'll be bringing prints, artist proofs, original art and if all goes as planned, playmats!! More to come on those as things progress. As I've done for the last several events, we'll have a raffle give-away of an altered Force of Will as the first prize, a large limited edition canvas Judge Land print as second prize and a 13x19" limited edition art print (winners choice) for the 3rd prize.

Schedule permitting, I plan on bringing 1 or 2 Extreme Altered FoW's just for those in attendance. They will have the opportunity to bid on them there at the event in Charlotte. I'll be spoiling more about these on my Facebook Art Page, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure and connect with me there for the latest details! 

The event organizers have specifically asked that I have a strict card limit and begged that I "not" do sketches and alterations. I apologize in advance for not being able to accommodate everyones wishes and desires in that regard. 


Hi everyone! So, more artist proof are available, this time from the new Elspeth VS Kiora Duel Deck. I had two in this one, the new iteration of Mother of Runes and a reprint of Dictate of Heliod. You can find those here.

 Also, we appreciate your patience regarding the availability of the Mother or Runes original artwork. Because of the wave of inquiries, we've decided to auction it so that everyone has an equal opportunity to make an offer. That auction is now live. Also, the sketch for that image will go up for auction two days later on March 13th. So, if you missed the original painting you'll have an opportunity to get the original sketch. 

OriginalMagicArt.com was kind enough to feature an "Art in Focus" article about the creative process of illustrating Mother of Runes. If you'd like to see what went into that please follow this link

If you like guessing games OriginalMagicArt.com is also hosting a fun opportunity to win a 13x19" signed and numbered limited edition print of Mother of Runes, as well as a signed and numbered... wait for it, Mother of Runes artist proof with a sketch on the back. I just don't have time to do very many little sketches anymore, so this will be fun! :) 

We are currently producing the 13x19" limited edition signed prints of Mother of Runes and they will be available and in the store by mid March! 


The MtG Commander 2014 S/N artist proofs are now in the store! You can find them here.


Happy New Year! May 2015 hold exciting new experiences for us all!! 

Terese is taking a very rare family 
vacation from January 9th-18th.
Orders that are placed from
Jan. 9th-18th will be shipped on the 19th and 20th. We very much apologize for the inconvenience. 


The small open edition print area has been pumped up with eight more prints: Saprazzan Heir, Full Moon's Rise, Island, Nimble Mongoose, Immerwolf, Dismember, Stocking Tiger and a small open edition version of the full art judge land panorama art. In addition to those we've added a large 17x 22" print of the packaging art I painted in 2001 for the popular computer game, Dark Age of Camelot.

After rechecking my Magic the Gathering original art inventory I found one piece in the flat files that I thought was listed on the site, but in fact wasn't. @_@ You can find it here

Take advantage of the extra 20% discount on any item in the store using the code SPOOKY20.


The spookiest seasonal sale is going on NOW! If you've been wanting to get something... one of those beautiful canvas, land prints, or original art, it's a great time to take advantage of a deep discount!


The limited edition canvas prints of the new Magic the Gathering: Judge Promo Full Art Lands are now available in the store! As requested, we're honoring the same introductory price when debuted at Gen Con.


There's a lot going on in Terese's studio these days. She's prepping for her "best four days of GoH" at Gen Con! :) If you're there, please swing by her table in the Art Show. She will also be doing two demos related to altering cards, as well as a lecture regarding her life and career. Of course she'll be signing and have prints and original art available.  Much of the original art has never been taken to an event. Stop by, she'd love to see you!

Other news! The new Magic the Gathering Judge Promo Foil, Full Art Basic Lands  are now out. The original art is being auctioned from Aug 8-17th over here at VintageMagic.comTerese is excited to be collaborating on the sale of this painting and looks forward to seeing her signature piece hanging on the wall of its new collectors home.

The number 1/250 large, canvas giclées of the MtG: Judge Promo Lands is just now available on eBay. Pop on over there if you'd like to collect the first one of the edition. We'll have 27 available for the first that arrive at Gen Con and will also be taking preorders there. A few weeks after Gen Con we'll get the rest in stock and have them available here in the store.

Those of you that have sent me things to sign in the past PLEASE update my address! It will be changing in a couple weeks. As of June 15th I'll begin packing and relocating. I don't recommend trusting the USPS's mail forwarding system. Please don't send cards to my old CA address after June 15th. As of July 1st the new address to mail cards to is: 

Terese Nielsen
P.O. Box 4672
Carson City, NV 89702


All of my remaining artists proofs have now officially been added to the store. You can buy cards individually, at discounted block prices, or if you're a big-time AP collector you can also buy a bundle of all 151 cards for a deeply discounted price. 

P.S. The Journey into Nyx cards are signed/numbered and up on the site as well. 


We've been filling in the artist proof area: 
Modern Masters

Several more Magic the Gathering original sketches are now available.

The original Journey into Nyx art, Dictate of Heliod and Nyx-Fleece Ram.


The latest art for Journey into Nyx is available in limited edition prints.
Dictate of Heliod and Nyx-Fleece Ram


Those of you that enjoy collecting Magic the Gathering (white back) artist proofs, we've updated the website with the cards from: the Return to Ravnica block, Modern Masters, Theros block and Commander 2013!
They can be purchased individually or at a discounted "set" price. 


Just wanted to let you all know I'll be attending GenCon this year (August 14-17) as the artist guest of honor. Mark your calendars. I'd love to see you there!


So a new set for
Magic the Gathering's, Born of the Gods has just been spoiled. There's really some stunning work in this set! MtG continues to have amazing artists contributing art. It's an honor to still be a part of such a beautiful game!

The latest piece I have in this set is, "Plea for Guidance"-- my mantra. ;) BTW when they assigned the card to me its working title was Idyllic Tutor which I've noticed from the forums seems to be what everyone is comparing it to.

Anyway, for those of you that love and appreciate the art, we have a signed, limited edition print available here. If you are wondering--the original painting and sketch have a new home, with a collector in Minneapolis. His wife has an affinity for doves. I'm always happy when my painting-babies go live with people that love them.

I've added another print of a personal piece that is one of my current favorites drawn last year, called Love is Elemental

As I said below, stay tuned for more events and happenings. I've got an art book in the works which I'll be Kickstarting, several big signings, and a one-woman show at the end of the year which I plan to have many pieces for, but especially a few large personal works. 

It's a fun year!! Cheers to 2014!!!


If you're in the Los Angeles area please stop by booth #98, "Three Crossroads" at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. The event runs February 7th, 8th and 9th. I'll be there all three days signing and selling prints that I don't generally have available. It's a completely different venue for me!  

Please stay tuned for more updates regarding events this year. It's going to be an exciting year!



I have a handful of 
Stocking Tiger 2013 Holiday Promo Foils that I've signed and numbered and embellished/altered each one with a holiday 
ornament. I only have a very limited quantity, so please only one per customer. For more information on those click over here. If you're inquiring about the original sketch or painting for this promo they already have new homes so I won't be adding them to the site. 


A quick update for original art collectors. The Sydri, Galvanic Genius original painting as well as the original sketch are now SOLD. The sketch is on her way to live in Australia and the painting will be nestled in northern CA with a longtime collector of mine.

Never fear I have more pieces coming up.  : )  


Sydri, Galvanic Genius has been spoiled! You'll be able to find her in the upcoming  MtG Commander 2013 Edition. There's a great backstory to the character, that I very much enjoyed reading. (BTW, no, I didn't get all that info about her before I painted her) I'll try to do a blog post about this piece to show you how it came together.

Many have been asking about the original art and sketch. I always offer it to the people that message me first, which are generally longtime collectors. If there's a pregnant pause in responses, then I put it up on the site within a few days. Generally, my most popular pieces never make it up on the site, which I know some of you have noticed and have asked me about. 

We have limited edition prints available in two sizes: 13x19" and 17x 22"

We plan on adding some more artist proofs and various prints soon. I know it's been a long time in an update. Thanks again for visiting. Feel free to contact us if you have questions. 


We'll have another altered "Force of Will" give-away in two weeks at Grand Prix Kansas CitySome of you may remember this quick altered FoW I did for Februarys "Month of Love". I had 3 prize give-aways. The 2nd and 3rd were claimed but this one never was. I tried 3 times. O_O This Force of Will is tired of sitting in my studio and wants to be the King of someones deck!

SOOOOO, I'm going to give it away a GPKC. We'll have tickets and select the winner later on Sunday the 7th. See you there!


Dragon's Maze artist proofs, Blast of Genius are now here!


Limited edition prints are now available for the new Dragon's Maze image Blast of Genius. The original art has been sold, but we will be posting the preliminary sketches and artists proofs in the next few days.


Yesterday we posted limited edition prints for the new Gatecrash image Enter the Infinite. The original art and original sketch went up as well. For those of you wondering, the painting and original sketch have been purchased and are no longer available.  Artist proofs will be posted as soon as they arrive. 



The Art of Terese Nielsen has added a Facebook page to Terese's communication repertoire. Please "like" us over in the left hand panel, to stay up-to-date on everything related to Terese's art: old pieces no one's ever seen, newest work, upcoming events, inspiration, and from now through Christmas, deep-discount website sales, generally a couple sales per week. 


Return to Ravnica artist proofs are now available. Also, Hanna Ship's Navigator original sketch and original art is also here on the site.


Find the discounted art here!


Return to Ravnica limited edition prints are here!!



Limited edition prints are now available in two sizes for the new art
Hanna, Ship's Navigator.  


I have an official FB page now. My personal page was closing in on the "too many friends" number. So PLEASE do the "
likey" thing for my official The Art of Terese Nielsen. See you over there. It's still me!  : )


We've just added the original art and sketches for Magic the Gathering's latest set, Return to Ravnica. We don't have artist proofs yet, but will be sure to list them just as soon as we do! 


We've added three more pieces of original art to the Magic the Gathering section: the recent card Thromok the Insatiable, and two earlier pieces, Heroic Defiance and Delusions of Mediocrity, which somehow were missed and have never been listed before. 

Take advantage of saving 20% off of the list price of any original MtG art. We've never offered this deep of a discount on original art before. It is 
good for only two days, August 2nd and 3rd. Just type in the discount code *2DaySale20PercentOff* when checking out. 


soldered, glass jewelryHeather


The elegant Angel of Jubilation prints are now available. There are two sizes of limited edition prints. The largest size is on 17x22" velvet fine art paper, and is a special edition of 50 prints. The other size is on 13x19" watercolor paper, in an edition of 500. All prints are signed and numbered in gold. 


Avacyn Restored
artist proofs are here. They're signed and numbered, and only 50 of each! 

If you're anywhere near southern California, I'd love to see you at the Grand Prix, in Anaheim, May 26th and 27th
.  Also, if you'd like to place an order, and pick up your items at the event, directly from me, then use this coupon code *GP-ANAHEIM* when ordering. It will remove shipping costs. PLEASE indicate in the special instructions area, which day you will be picking up the item/s. 

By the way, if I'm not enough to get you to this event,  ; )  then come to see my talented artist friends, Martina PilcerovaRK Post and daarken! Awesome, right??!


The original art and sketches for the two pieces in Magic the Gatherings: Avacyn Restored - 
Angel of Jubilation and Descendants' Path are now available. 


Limited Edition prints for Descendants' Path from Avacyn Restored are now available.
There are two sizes of limited edition prints available. The largest size (on 17x22" paper) is a special version of 50 prints with silver leaf and gold and silver paint, exactly the way I created the original painting. They are 14x20" for an introductory price of $125. The other size is an 10x14" edition of 500. All prints are signed and numbered in gold. 


As of April 5th, the new Lotus Cobra Grand Prix promo card, was previewed. I'm thrilled that people are digging it. Apparently you've got to attend one of the Grand Prix events to get a hold of it. I'll be in Anaheim signing in May. But I don't think they'll have the card yet for that one.

The original painting and sketch are sold and generally for small-run promo cards, I don't receive artist proof cards. However, if per chance I do, you'll find them here and of course I'll notify my friends on Facebook as well.

We have two sizes of limited edition prints available. The largest size is an extra special version because I'll be retouching each of the 50 prints with variegated gold leaf and 14K gold paint, exactly the way I created the original painting. They are a frame-ready size of 16x20" for an introductory price of $95. The other size is an 11x14" edition of 500. All prints are signed and numbered in gold.


More artist proofs are now available: Invasion, Masques, Urza, Tempest, Mirage, and Ice Age! Have at it! ;)


We've been busy filling in the artist proofs section and have just added several blocks including: Ravnica, Odyssey, Mirrodin, as well as Champions of Kamigawa and Onslaught. 

There are also three new images featured on mouse pads, now six in all. These have been popular. We've had many say when they receive their orders that they look so good they want to frame the mouse pad. Obviously we have prints for that purpose. : )  But, the color and details on these are especially nice. 


We now have mouse pads featuring 3 of Terese's most popular images. We have them at an introductory price of $12.95 or $35 for all three. There's a limited amount in stock that are ready to ship. So, if you're really interested in getting one now, don't wait too long.


As of the last few days we've reconfigured ALL of the products, so that when a customer is ordering "multiple" products, they DON'T get charged extra for shipping. In the past few months, as more products were added (and people were ordering several items at once) we started seeing excessive shipping costs (which were refunded) because we HATE huge shipping fees when "we personally" order things. So, after working with tech support, and reconfiguring everything, we think the shipping, will be MUCH more user friendly. It's Terese's preference to keep shipping as LOW as possible.

Thank you for your patience around this, as we continue to fine-tune functionality on the site. Also, please leave feedback if there's something you wish we had, or something that would be better, and we will prioritize these suggestions as they come in.  


The original art and the preliminary pencil sketches for Dark Ascension are now here. Note to collectors, Chill of Foreboding, Curse of Misfortunes and Shattered Perception are available. The sketch and original for Immerwolf has been sold.

The original art of my recent favorites Visions of Beyond is now available.

Artist proof collectors please continue to keep an eye out for this category to continue to fill in. The Time Spiral block is now up. Cards are offered individually or at discounted set prices.


More artist proofs available, including the latest Dark Ascension set, as well as Lorwyn, Shadowmoor, Morningtide, Eventide.


Just added Scars of Mirrodin artist proof cards to the store. Gotta catch 'em all! ;)



HUGE SAVINGS! Sale starts the evening of December 12th. GRAB anything you've had your eye on, and have been waiting for the very best deal. Orders will be sent out immediately, so you should have them before Christmas. $40 minimum order to use the 20% off discount.

Discount ID: HolidayFun


The Artist Proof White-back section has been added to the store. First up is Innistrad. We'll probably fill in the sets working backwards.


International customers! 
-use code *HalloweenSaleINT* for FREE First Class International Shipping
-if there's a print or sketch you don't see listed please contact us. We may have them in stock.


Right on cue for Halloween, the latest work for Magic the Gatherings: Innistrad is here. I've added all of the original art and sketches that are still available. I'll also be including artist proofs for this set shortly.

  • Labor Day sale! 5% off of all original art and original sketches! 

  • Redemption code *LABOR-DAY-ART-SALE* 

  • Starts Friday evening and ends Tuesday


  • August sale! 15% off of all prints! 

  • Redemption code *2DAYPRINTSALE* 

  • Limited edition and small open edition. Starts Wednesday August 24th and 25th.


  • The 7th Sea prints are once again available on the site. These illustrations were painted MANY moons ago, but I continue to receive requests for them. Each print is ready to frame with a standard 11 x17" mat or frame. I like the Aaron Brothers 1 Cent Frame Sale for finding great deals on multiple frames!



  • 4th of July weekend sale! 20% off of all prints! 

  • Redemption code *4thofJulySale* 

    Limited edition and small open edition. Starts Friday July 1st through the 4th.

  • Just a quick note. The original art and original sketch for the new Basandra, Battle Seraph has been SOLD in case you're looking for it on the site and can't find it. The prints are gorgeous though. I love seeing her big!

  • The new art for Magic the Gathering's: Basandra, Battle Seraph has been added. Included in this are two limited edition print sizes: one large 17 x 22" limited edition of 50, and a 13 x 19" limited edition of 500. The original art is also currently available.


  • There's now a new "small open edition" category, which currently includes 17 different prints.


  • Enabled combined shipping when purchasing multiple items
  • Added double matted options for some limited edition prints

  • All of my original Magic the Gathering art that is available can be found in my "Store", by clicking on "Original Art: Magic" in the left navigation bar. Don't miss the most recent Magic the Gathering pieces: "Loxodon Warhammer" from Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons and two paintings from New Phyrexia, "Dismember" and "Dispise".
  • The first gallery we're currently featuring is Star Wars art. More galleries to come...
  • We've uploaded a partial selection of limited edition prints.
  • Several original drawings for recent jobs are in the Sketches category.

Please let us know if you have any trouble navigating the site or the store... this is all new to me and we would greatly appreciate any and all feedback.
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