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Terese Nielsen Visionary Artist

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It’s Easy to get Your Magic Cards Signed by Terese


This information is up to date as of Spring 2024. We WILL update this information if at any time it changes. Please don’t message us just to see if this is still correct. We’ve put all of the information here to make “signing through the mail” possible while minimizing numerous messages back and forth that require responses. Thank you.


     Terese Nielsen
     P.O. Box 4672
     Carson City, NV 89702


Do you have a handful of absolute favorite cards that you would REALLY love to have embellished with a T. Nielsen signature?

You don’t HAVE to go to an event and stand in long lines to have it done.

I’m happy to sign cards for all of you. There’s no need to email to ask for permission, or to find out where to send them. All you have to do is send your cards (please not more than 25, if you want double signatures, ONLY 12 cards) with a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) to the address listed above.

I generally will send your cards back within a couple weeks upon arrival, and sometimes even quicker. By the way, one of my favorite morning routines is cupping my hands around a warm, foamy, double cappuccino while I’m planning my day. Or if I’m making my way through the mail at the end of the day, a glass of merlot is oh so nice. Both beverages have a way of making my signing hand smile! So, if you’d like to totally make my day, just add a little tip to your envelope and I’ll be smiling as much as you will when your saintly postman delivers your envelope full of hand-signed cards.

Because we still so frequently get emails asking how much it costs for a signature, and that the whole point of this page is to mitigate the volume of correspondence regarding card signatures, I am clarifying that I have no set signature rate. That being said, the current average “industry rates” amongst MTG artists are between 4 -5 dollars for single signatures and 8 – 10 dollars for double signatures. If someone is destitute and is still wanting to have a card signed I don’t like turning those people away. I very much like for people to be able to get their cards signed. That said, I also don’t appreciate those that take advantage of that generosity for their own gain.





    • I’m moving this request to the top of the list because many are ignoring it. Please understand that DOUBLE SIGNATURES (on one individual card) is the same as asking me to sign TWO cards. So, if you are specifically asking to have dual/double black and gold signatures, please limit it to only 12 cards.
    • Send a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope.)
    • If you live outside the country include a typed out version of your address. Some foreign addresses are very difficult to read/interpret when hand-written. We know how important it is to get your cards safely back. We will use our postage software to print the postage and return label.
    • If you are outside of the US and are not able to put postage on or in the envelope, it requires about $20 for return postage depending on where you live. Postage for international shipments has continued to dramatically escalate. Cash is preferred. If you don’t have cash please PayPal [email protected] the return shipping amount. Indicate in the PayPal payment, your name and that it is return shipping for signing cards. Also please indicate in a note (that accompanies the cards) that you paid for return shipping via PayPal. Please no International postal coupons. The postal workers here seem to always forget how to credit them every time. Taking time to sign cards, typing in addresses & additional customs form information, printing labels and post office visits takes TIME. Please consider tipping.
    • Include your email address. It is always a good safety precaution in case there are any issues that I need to contact you about regarding your cards.
    • Please, please don’t put each card in individual sleeves. A folded binder page with several cards in each placeholder or a couple larger sleeves that hold several, saves me an immense amount of time. The flatter/thinner the package is, the better and less expensive. If the envelope is really thick (because they’re all in one stack) postage costs more.
    • I very much realize that you’re likely sending me expensive cards to sign and that you’re concerned about if I received them and if I sent them back. Please understand that I sign a lot of cards throughout the week for people all over the world and I’m not able to also notify everyone as to, if your cards arrived or what day I sent them out. It would be a part-time job for me or my assistant to accommodate that and I do like to paint for part of the day.
    • I am not doing doodles, alters or customizations at this time.
    • Yes, you can send playmats or other items to be signed. Please just follow the SASE procedure.
    • Most importantly PLEASE SMILE when you open and look at your signed cards. 🙂 Each signature is me appreciating the best fans on the entire planet!!
Thank you for your continued support and interest in my work. Best wishes to you! I hope your newly signed cards look great in your collection.