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3 FOW's Altered Mtg Cards Heritage Auction FOW

Part 2: Historic Sale of Force of Will Original, Alternate FOW Art, Altered MtG Cards

Since the first post titled “‘Alliances’ Original Force of Will Art Being Auctioned“– FOW did indeed sell. On December 16th, 2023 the final amount came in at a cool $350K. It was a fascinating event to watch. Generally artists are lounging on a nimbus cloud when they see their work go for such prices. 🙂 If you missed the 3 minutes of fun click the play button below for an exciting replay. Creating a Second

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Illustration WorkPrints

Art Print: Terry Brooks’ Walker Boh from the Shannara Series

Twenty three years ago I was asked to illustrate Walker Boh, a druidic character from Terry Brooks’ Shannara series. This was to be the cover ...
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Magic The GatheringPrints

Painting with Gold Leaf: The Illuminated Dragon

I came into this life with a dislike for dragons… just never vibed with them. As fate would have it my career sprouted and bloomed ...
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AnnouncementsMagic The Gathering

Part 1: ‘Alliances’ Original Force of Will Art Being Auctioned LIVE Now!

Force of Will has always been my signature Magic: The Gathering card, the one that elicits the most excitement and questions. Amongst those questions are: ...
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AnnouncementsTokens of Spirit

Super Exciting Announcement!

We’ve launched our long-in-the-works Tokens of Spirit, Kickstarter. The project went live on May 14th 2019! It’s a project that is near and dear to my heart. Creating ...
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Heroes, Villains, Monsters Comic Art Exhibition

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Illustration WorkMagic The Gathering

Creating the Art for Force Of Will Eternal Masters

On January 8th at 4:09 PM the familiar chime of an unread email dropped into my inbox. The subject line was catchy, “funny story…” followed ...
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