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Super Exciting Announcement!

We’ve launched our long-in-the-works Tokens of Spirit, Kickstarter. The project went live on May 14th 2019! It’s a project that is near and dear to my heart. Creating this art has allowed me to explore and experiment with many mediums and stylistic approaches, while also being able to feature it on products that my beloved fans can use and enjoy! It’s truly a dream come true for me. 

I’ve teamed up with Josh Krause, (the project manager) founder of the Original Magic Art Store and a Kickstarter veteran, as well as Vianki Bruenderman, (visual designer)at Vianki Studios who is blowing me away with her gorgeous graphic design work for Tokens of Spirit

The Kickstarter project includes sets of tokens (foil and non-foil), playmats and archival prints available to choose from. Please go check it out and if you have friends who play Magic or enjoy art I would be most grateful to have you share it with them. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for all the support that everyone has been blessing me with. You all, truly, make my life a beautiful place!

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Click here for the link to the Kickstarter