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Altered “Force of Will” Featuring Mark Tedin’s “Sol Ring”


I’ve done a few different versions of a burned “Force of Will” card. Adding Mark Tedin’s “Sol Ring”, to this card art was a fun combo for me. It seems like something the shaman could do, right? Has anyone actually burned their Magic cards before? It seems wrong, but anything for art right? I needed to see first hand, how the paper on a Magic card would react to fire. Oh, in case your wondering… no, I didn’t burn a Force of Will. That’d REALLY be wrong!  : ) O.k. so this card is up on Ebay for only three days, so if you enjoy collecting these hurry on over.

By the way, speaking of Mark, he has a Facebook fan page “Mark Tedin Illustration”. Go sign up! He puts some great info up, on what he’s currently working on. Also, if you ever meet him, tell him “Terese  said I should have you do an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression”. He’s hysterical!