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Anakin & Ahsoka – Star Wars Miniatures: The Clone Wars Packaging Art


Wizards of the Coast commissioned me to create three packaging
illustrations for the Clone Wars boxes. One of those three boxes was to
feature Anakin and Ahsoka. I'm not always up-to-speed on everything related to the SW's universe. Ahsoka was not a familiar character to me.
The art director provided me with a general direction to take. "ART DESCRIPTION: Anakin Skywalker will be behind his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano. A talented teen padawan. (13 years of age or so) She will be in the front. Almost a back to back stand-off with an off camera enemy. She fights with a reverse grip sometimes."

I created an original sketch. This first version didn't quite nail the essence of what Ahsoka was about. They provided me with more reference to round out my understanding of her "look". I shot photos of my niece, which I felt would be a great model for this character, and proceeded with sketch number two. The second sketch got the nod, so we went on to the painting stage. The first painted version was submitted. They had a few adjustments they wanted to see, so, I had the opportunity to spend a little more time on the piece, tinkering with the background values, as well as rendering out a few more costume details. This is how the final art looked, which you now see adorning the box.

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