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Angel of Comfort – Quest Report

Comfort_report_thumbLast week, the quest was to buy a blanket, take it to a hospital, and give it to a child in need of comfort.  I actually didn’t end up doing that exactly.

My perfect picture was to put the angels from Angel Quest on a custom quilt.  I ended up doing a lot of research on the possibility of putting the angel images on blankets and quilts.  If anyone knows how I could pull this off economically, I’d love to hear about it.  How cozy would it be to wrap yourself in a blanket with a giant Angel of Comfort on it, or a collage of several different angels?

I liked the organizations that specialized in sending quilts and warm things.  One of the quotes I thought was so cool said, "A warm blanket is like a permanent hug."  I ended up sending the blanket you see here to Warm Hearts – Warm Babies.

To me, being warm and cozy is such a crucial part of life . . . it makes you feel supremely loved when something or someone wraps around you.  I love this Friday Quest thing because it’s giving me some structure, something to be accountable to.  It’s forcing me to actually do the kind of things I want to be doing anyway, but usually have a hard time prioritizing into my life.  It feels wonderful!

Here is a short list of organizations I found that distribute blankets: