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Angel Quest- Acts of Kindness Game

After 15 years of
illustrating, I’d come to a place in my career where money or high profile
pieces just didn’t motivate me any more. I was starting to feel dead,
artistically, so I decided to take a sort of plunge, if you will, that felt like
spiritual liberation and financial suicide by turns. I made a conscious decision
to let go of some of the illustration jobs that consistently supported violence
as entertainment.

During this time I
realized that my deepest desire was to contribute my talents to projects that
uplift humanity… projects that leave people inspired. I really had no idea what
I should do, but I made space for whatever “it” was by turning down jobs that
had become my bread and butter over the years.

In the Fall of
2005, I received a call from Alex Tinsman who shared an incredible journey with
me… a journey that she would never have consciously chosen. I listened with
tears in my eyes as she described the loss of their sweet little boy, and how
that unthinkable pain gave birth to the idea for Angel Quest.

She and her
husband, Brian, went on to ask if I would be willing to co-create their idea
with them and develop the look and feel for the game. It was to be my job to
give life in a visual way. How would it look? How would you feel holding the
cards in your hand as you contemplated your next act of

As you can imagine,
this was the job I’d been waiting for… the job of my dreams. Never before or
since has an assignment touched my soul like Angel Quest. It was much more of a
calling than a job, and it stretched all of my talents and abilities to their
fullest extent.

I honestly didn’t
know if I was capable of designing and art directing such a big project. I’d
never done anything like it before. I designed every aspect of the cards and the
packaging, contributed 4 painted illustrations (
Sacred Angel of Comfort, Angel of the Future, High Angel of Nature and Angel of Thankfulness) and coordinated the talents of 28 other artists.
Needless to say, I felt supported in discharging my responsibilities, almost as
if all of the loving Unseen Powers were behind this project and had no intention
of letting it fail.

since being involved with Angel Quest, I try and do one act of kindness each
day. It has added such a soft, loving focus to my life… a fringe benefit I don’t
think I fully anticipated. It’s fun and really easy to brighten someone else’s

Another way I enjoy
the cards is to just sit and gently peruse the beautiful angel images. Just
looking at them seems to open up a path of love and warmth. At other times I’ll
randomly select a card just to meditate upon the inspirational quote at the

Angel Quest is the
first project in which my talents, heart and soul completely converged and
merged in a profoundly fulfilling way. I am grateful to be a part of such an
amazing movement that keeps the goodness rippling on and on.