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Friday Quest – Sacred Angel of Prayer by Randy Gallegos

“A single grateful thought raised to heaven is the most perfect prayer.”  — Gotthold Ephraim Lessing


Celestine's Quest: Think about someone else's problems.

Suggestion: Think of the last person to share his or her problems with you. Write a prayer for that person. Each night for a week, as you go to bed, read the prayer and spend a few moments thinking about that person.

The day almost got away from me as far as getting my Friday Quest in. Yesterday and today were filled with many emotional ups and downs and I wasn't sure I had the energy to make my post today. I decided I could at least put up a quick apology for not coming through on my promised Friday Quest. I thought I'd let you know in my apology post which card was going to be my quest for this upcoming week however, when I realized which one it was I was so touched and astonished by how perfectly Sacred Angel of Prayer fit my situation that I felt compelled to share.

My dad turned 82 in February and has always kept himself happily busy with fun projects, doing things for friends and neighbors and enjoying finding ways to just have fun. It was about five weeks ago he was taking his customary handful of morning pills and in that normal routine the medication that was intended to go down his throat somehow decided it wanted to try a different direction and ended up tearing a hole out the side of his esophagus. Ever since that morning he's been in the Omaha hospital in and out of ICU. It's been a very difficult area to heal.

Earlier today I sent an email out to my closest friends asking for their healing thoughts and prayers. I'd like to post the note below as it so closely matches the essence of this weeks Angel Quest and if anyone else feels inspired to join in and send extra love to my dad I would so greatly appreciate it.

Dear Friends,

I'm sending this special request to my most loving, enlightened, visionary friends that are capable of holding the energy of love and healing. As most of you know my Dad has been in and out of ICU for 5 weeks now. It is his current desire to carry on enjoying life and loving people for a longer amount of time. In an attempt to find ways to heal his esophageal tear the doctors are considering an extremely invasive procedure in which the likelihood of it working in his current compromised state isn't great. Before we make a decision on whether or not to do that we'd really like to focus our prayers and remote healing energy on dissipating the infection that has built up in the area as well as closing up the tear.

I would sooooo appreciate it if you have any spare moments in the next couple days to picture my dad (as he is in the photo I took of him last summer) sitting on the back steps on a warm summer evening cranking a batch of his homemade ice cream. One of our favorite things to do together was make ice cream and I always loved hearing him tell jokes and stories as he slowly cranked the ice cream. I wish you could all experience his ice cream as it is truly mana from Heaven. I like the visual of seeing him enjoying a giant bowl of it, each spoonful gliding down his throat radiating soothing love and healing. Any other thoughts you have that seem appropriate for my dad would be great.

I can't tell you how grateful I am to have such amazing friends. Thank you for your love and support.

Much love,



Thoughts from Randy Gallegos the artist that illustrated "Sacred Angel of Prayer".

When Angel Quest was assigned, I was only able to accept one new commission at the time, and so "Angel of Memories" from last week was that piece. Shortly thereafter, it occurred to me that I had up to two other pieces that had not been published that could possibly fit in. One of them could not find a home in the initial release, but I still hope for it to find a place in any potential future release. The other is this week's Angel, "Sacred Angel of Prayer."

She was initially painted for my own pleasure in 2004, larger than usual. I'd been wanting to paint her for about 9 years, but finding time and budget to paint for yourself can be difficult when it requires unpaid time-off from normal assignments. She was titled "Angelic Songs" at the time, and her upward gaze and adoring eyes and posture all lent themselves to the mood of quiet exultation. I enjoyed playing with text in this piece, hearkening back to medieval paintings of "the Annunciation" where the words of the Angel Gabriel literally come from his mouth and move towards their hearer, Mary. Simone Martini's version is a notable example, but there are others. In this case, the hymn of praise rises up from her lips to heaven. To further tap this medieval theme, I dug back through the centuries and found an actual hymn entitled "Gloria, Laus, et Honor" (Glory, Praise and Honor), written in the 9c. by Theodolph of Orleans. As I am often asked about the meaning, the lines in question read "The company of Angels / Are praising Thee on high, / And mortal men… (cut off are: "and all things created make reply.") I thought it was a very appropriate line to the theme. Funnily, I've never heard the song sung.

I was so pleased to offer this piece to Angel Quest, and for their acceptance of it. I hope you find it an inspiration.

Terese's Quest Report:

Two weeks ago my quest suggested that I write a letter to my future self
five years from now, to talk about who I am right now, and where I hope
to be by then. I did find the time to do that and what a thoughtful loving gift that is for oneself. I think I'll enjoy the process of becoming me at 47.

The quest for last week encouraged me to write a moment from my childhood in my journal. I was glad I took the time to do this. Most of my memories this last week have been centered around how my dad has impacted me and the person I've become. I enjoyed contemplating the many memories from my childhood about my dad and how I've integrated those important aspects and values into who I am and what I find important now. 


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