Friday Quest – Angel of Relief by Gabrielle Portal

“Believe, when you are most unhappy, that there is something for you to do in the world. So long as you can sweeten another's pain, life is not in vain.”  — Helen Keller


Shoriah's Quest: Help someone who may be in pain.

Suggestion: Ask a child what some of his or her favorite toys are. Buy one of those toys and drop it off to an emergency room so a child that needs some happiness can find it.

Let me tell you, if I were a child in the emergency room (or even 'me' as an adult) I'd definitely appreciate a toy to distract me from all the  machines, tubes and pokey things in that place. I think this is a great idea for a random act of kindness!

The image for this card was created by Gabrielle Portal who is a new up-and-coming illustrator. She's already been featured in Spectrum:The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, so keep your eye on her.

As the art director for Angel Quest it was an absolute delight working with Gabrielle and getting to be the first to see the unique and beautiful approach she took when depicting the angels for these cards. I loved the way she suggested angel wings without painting the traditional bird wing look. She found different ways of showing this in all four of the cards she illustrated.

Thoughts from Gabrielle Portal the artist that illustrated "Angel of Relief".

Angel Quest was my first major job out of art school and I am so thrilled to have been a part of such a wonderful project. The 'Angel of Responsibility' was one of original  cards I was assigned and is the card I was the most excited to take on.

I've had a long-time obsession with religious architecture, specifically Gothic cathedrals, and it seemed the perfect outlet for my inspiration. I really enjoyed playing with the symbolism and subtlety of the pattern in the stained glass window to create the illusion of angel wings. And I finally found a use for all those costumes I bought thinking 'I'll have a use for this someday!"

Terese's Quest Report:

The random acts of kindness quest that I took part in this last week was Sacred Angel of Prayer. I was asked to think of a person that had recently shared their problems with me and to write a prayer for that person. Each night before going to bed I was to spend a few moments thinking about that person.

I actually had several people nestled in my heart this week. Each person I spent time thinking about every night before bed. Sometimes when friends or family are in difficult situations, it's easier (or a traditional default mode) to lean in the direction of visualizing the unpleasantness that they're currently experiencing. It was my approach to cultivate within me the feelings of love, gratitude and peace for each of those on my list and radiate that to them. As it seems to be with all loving acts, the intent is to help buoy up another person, yet it seems that the one doing the giving is always equally uplifted.


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