Friday Quest – Angel of the Future by Terese Nielsen

"It isn't where you came from, it's where you're going that counts." – Ella Fitzgerald


Hastiel's Quest:  Make a connection with someone in the future.

Suggestion:  Write a letter to your future self.  Talk about who you are today and where you hope you'll be in the future.  Write a date five years from now on the envelope for you to open after the time passes.  Put it where you'll be sure to find it later.

When you open this card:  Do this quest and keep this card for your collection.

I think this is going to be great, but it's something I would never do unless I was challenged.  It'll force me to get clear about who I want to be 5 years from now.  I'll have to think about what's important, ask myself what I want to create.  It's easy to react to "what happens."  It takes a little more energy to participate in creating "what happens" by identifying my desires and ideals, and committing to those regardless of the distractions or challenges that come along.


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Quest Report:

Last week the quest was to help restore nature's beauty by spending 30 minutes picking up trash.  ThisChantry_road
unexpectedly turned out to be a magical experience for me.  My first impulse was to gather trash from the road up to Chantry Flats where my cabin is, because I just love that place, but then I thought, "You don't have time to go all the way up there . . . just go to the local park instead . . . remember those deadlines breathing down your neck?"

So I gave in to "reason" and took a couple of small plastic bags to fill at the local park.  Well, the city already seems to have a very competent trash-picker-upper, and I couldn't find anything out of order . . . geez.  So I just decided to go where my heart was leading me in the first place.

And I loved it and it felt right and there was certainly a need, but I had only brought two small plastic bags, which were full long before the 30 minutes was up.  But I decided not to stress about being under-prepared.  I thought, "What if I just found a bag when I needed a new one?"

And that's exactly what happened . . . not once, but three times!  Every time my bag would get full, I would happen onto another one stuck on a bush or pushed against the side of the road. So I just went merrily along picking up trash, the fairies providing everything I needed until my timer went off. 

If I hadn't needed to get back to the studio, I would have continued on a lot longer.  And then I ask myself, "Why don't you do this every week?"  And maybe I will.