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Friday Quest: Angel of Energy by Gabrielle Portal

“Forget injuries. Never forget kindnesses.”  — Confucius


Aiyana's Quest: Turn negativity into positive energy.

Suggestion: Get three small mints and keep them with you. The next three times you start to complain or feel annoyed, try to look at the situation a different way and see the better side. Each time you do, eat one of the mints to remind yourself that you control your positive energy.

What a great idea! Not only will it vanquish bad thoughts, it'll nix the bad breath as well. Maybe those two conditions go together.

I believe in this process implicitly, and feel that it is my own responsibility to take charge of the way I'm choosing to feel. Whatever I'm attracting into my life is in vibrational harmony with the thoughts and feelings that I generate. It's a life altering piece of knowledge to realize just "how" in control we really are regarding the events in our lives. If you've never read any of the Abraham/Hicks material, I STRONGLY recommend it!

The angel featured on this Angel Quest card was created by Gabrielle Portal. It was the intent of the creators of Angel Quest to depict angels showing many different ethnicities. Gabrielle illustrated an American Indian angel in such a stirring and unique way. I just love the way this card came out. 

Terese's Quest Report:

Last week's Angel Quest card suggested that I think of a book that changed or inspired me, and then write to the author and let them know what it meant to me. A few days ago I finished a book entitled, "Sisterhood of the Dove: Clarion Call of Mary Magdalene" by Maitreya Zohar. I met Maitreya a couple months ago at an event called, The Psychic Fair. Maitreya is an extremely gifted intuitive and medium, as well as a newly published author. (Maybe some of you didn't know that I'm into mystical, psychic, metaphysical stuff, but hey, what do you expect from a blonde, Piscean, artist type?) Last time I saw Maitreya he mentioned his brand new book so I promptly went to Amazon and ordered it. This book is told from the perspective of Mary's daughter Rachel, in more of an oral story-telling format. I have a deep affinity for Mary Magdalene and even created an image of her several years ago. So, I was immediately drawn to this book. I'm now reading it a second time to allow the essence of it's message to seep into me on a more emotional level.

I appreciated the extra nudge this Angel Quest card gave me to follow through with something that I think is important, but rarely take the time to do. Everyone that puts a Angel_quest_keepske_boxes_3
lot of time and effort into a project enjoys hearing what people think.

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