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Friday Quest – Angel of Insight by Mike May

“Ideals are like stars. You will not succeed in touching them with your hands. But like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them you will reach your destiny.”  — Carl Schurz


Janell's Quest: Define yourself.

Suggestion: Who are you? Write down five things central to your being that define who you are.

Mmmmm… these sorts of questions are always great food for thought. I know I've spent a great deal of time thinking about who I am, who I'd like to become, what's important to me, and so it seems like an exercise that would be easy to brush off and say, "Oh, I've done that before." However, now that I have several decades of life stacked up, I've noticed that these things can change over time. So, I find there is much to gain in reflecting on my core values and the beliefs that make up what I'm about and how I want to  'be' in the world.

Angel_Quest_Mike_May_Angel_of_Insight_SketchGenerally transformation and growth are the side effects of this sort of soul searching, and I think Mike May portrayed this eternal and spiraling path of evolution in a beautiful and unique way. Mike created 2 captivating images for Angel Quest.

Mike has spent many years working as a video game artist as well as a freelance illustrator. By all means check out more of his art at Mike's Pencil.

Terese's Quest Report:

Last weeks' card, Angel of Prosperity suggested I support a local business, one that I've never tried before.

We have a new Mexican restaurant in
town. I first ate at Beto’s Grill over in San Gabriel, and now the
young, aspiring Alberto Ocana from El Monte has opened his second store
here in Temple City (Temple City Blvd just south of Las Tunas).

love sipping on Beto’s (short for Alberto) fresh and delicious sangria.
Some sort of mix of red wine and watermelon chunks, it’s absolutely
delightful on a warm afternoon.

Knowing that many people need to eat quickly on their lunch break,
he offers a tasty lunch buffet for $8.95. You’ll definitely leave happy
and full enough to fall asleep at your desk until your afternoon coffee
break at 3:00.

Alberto-ocanaAnd you’ll love the service. The ladies that work at Beto’s are always so kind and gracious.

Even though he’s in his 30’s, Alberto has a long 20-year history of
working in the restaurant business. Three years ago he opened his first
grill in San Gabriel, and before he’s through, he will have a total of
8 separate locations.

to town, Beto . . . you’ve got me hooked on those icy sangrias that
will help me through the hot summer days just around the corner.


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