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Grand Prix Charlotte + Announcement

We’re back from Grand Prix Charlotte. Many thanks to all of you who stopped by my table to say “Hi”and have things signed. I had a great time giving away an altered “Grumpy Cat” Force of Will, a large Judge Lands canvas print, a large 17×22″ limited edition “Eternal Witness” print and a “Force of Will” playmat! Fun! Right?! If you’d like to keep up with some of the silly “goings on” at my events please do that follow-y thing on Twitter or Instagram or my FB page. I have to say, I love attending events hosted by Star City Games. Anything they run, that I’ve attended, is always top notch. They make it especially easy, fun and enjoyable for Dawn and I to be there. Five stars for Star City Games!!

O.K. quick announcement. The very popular Force of Will” playmats are now available and in the store. If you’d like yours signed please select the “signature” option in the drop down menu. I’m currently signing them in a thick black marker. I’m looking for a large gold pen that looks “good” on these, but thus far I haven’t found one that works well. The gold pens tend to soak into the cloth and look like a weak brown. If I come across one that I like, I’ll list a gold signature as an option.