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J.W. Waterhouse the Inspiration for 1995 Vampirella Gallery Card


VampCARD Three years into my career, I was asked to create an image for the Topps Vampirella Gallery card set. Aside from the basic proportion of the card, I was given complete artistic freedom as to how I could illustrate her. For inspiration before starting a piece, I usually gravitate to my ever expanding wall of books. The artists and illustrators of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s have been, and still are, my greatest influences. J.W. Waterhouse is among my favorites and this painting was an homage to him.

VampirellaThumbie This scene features Vampirella on her home planet Draculon. Draculon is a world with twin suns, where rivers are filled with blood, thus, the liquid they drink. I wanted to imbue Vampirella with a strong, elegant and sensual quality. I’ve never been a fan of women portrayed in bimbo-esque poses. My style PTVampirella and interests lean toward a decorative, ethereal technique. I enjoy visually flowing through an image, allowing the textures and symbols to  reveal themselves as ones eyes move through the piece. The medium I used was oil on Strathmore paper with subtle touches of gold leaf.

Up until now, this limited edition print has only been available at convention signings. I rarely bring them to conventions anymore, but still have a number of them left. So, I’m adding this print here for the Vampirella and vampire fans that would still like the opportunity to add this piece to their collection.

This archival print is an edition of 250 on 13×19″ watercolor paper. Each one is signed and numbered in gold and carefully packaged in a sturdy shipping tube.


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