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Latest T. Nielsen MTG Extreme Alterations


Here’s something I haven’t featured on my blog yet… Extreme Alterations! These are Magic the Gathering, Force of Will cards that are extremely altered and extremely late. Marco from Italy commissioned these over a year ago and I finally got them to him a couple weeks ago. Ack!! So, I want you all to be aware that I have some serious catching up to do with the orders I currently have and I won’t be taking on any more alteration commissions until I’m caught up.

What’s Marco into?? Irish stuff! Punk music, Irish combat folk, leprechauns, Guinness beer and anything related to the "fighting Irish" theme. So this is what we came up with for his play set.

I’ve made this a new category on my blog so feel free to check out the info and FAQ related to these as well as the posters available to view or purchase.