Mtg Artists Ron Spencer and Terese Nielsen Team Up on Altered Cards

Ron Spencer Terese Nielsen MtG Alterations

One of the most frequent things I get asked when doing a Magic the Gathering signing is, "Are you and Ron Spencer brother and sister?" I smile and nod. My confirmation is always followed by either, "Wow, that is SO cool!" or "He's my ALL time favorite Magic artist!!", which is just fine by me — as long as it stays in the family, right?   : ) 
Yawgmoths Angel Ron and TereseSo I was just back home in Nebraska visiting my family this month. Ron and I decided it was time to have some fun working on a project together. He pulled out a Yawgmoth's Will along with some paper, and the ideas on how we could collaborate on a card started to fester. We took a few photos of how it came together if you'd like to witness the process

Also Ron has a brand new blog so PLEASE go pay him a visit and tell him what you think, and what you'd like to see!