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Quest Report – Angel of Thankfulness


Starting last week, the quest was to write down things I was thankful for each day.

Normally, collapsing into a soft cold pillow is the
extent of my profound "ending thoughts" for each day; however, this
quest ushered in a whole different focus for the closing of my day.

Throughout my adult life there have been several very difficult periods
in which, in an attempt to try and set a more positive tone for the day,
I would force myself to write 10 things I was thankful
for each morning.

Without fail, this activity would succeed in raising my
mood/vibration from feeling down or depressed to feeling grateful, and
oftentimes even a wee bit optimistic. I had never performed this
activity in the evening before, at least not with pen and paper. I felt
the most difficult aspect of this quest was writing only one thing…
and (though I can be a rule breaker) I didn’t feel I was violating the
intent of this card by listing several. : )

In my experience, gratitude
and appreciation for what we have is the most powerful emotion
to feel and cultivate in our lives.