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Ron Spencer’s MtG Alteration: “Yawgmoth’s Will” and “Force of Will” Combined

Yawgmoth'sForce of Will
I just returned from a 10 day trip back home to Nebraska. One of the highlights of my trip was getting to spend time with my older brother Ron and his family. I could prattle on about many things related to that, but for now, I want to toss up a quick post featuring Ron’s latest alteration, painted on top of one of his very popular Magic the Gathering cards entitled ‘Yagmoth‘s Will”.

In my opinion, his alterations dwarf mine in quality and creativity, so be sure and check out Ron’s Ebay Store auctions. Here’s his current auction which features the Yawgmoth/Force of Will card. It’s proving to be very popular! I was standing in his studio a few days ago, taking in all of the cool things he has in it, when he asked if I would mind signing the card as well. I was fine with that. If he wanted me to mess it up with my signature, then I was happy to do so.

And just for the record, that little, teeny, sad-sack, tore-up chunk of mushy, cardboard is his acrylic palette. Sigh…. obviously tools don’t really matter when you’re as talented as he is. Me… well, I guess I’m a control freak (OCD) and require all of my ducks to be in a tightly organized row, or I suffer from performance anxiety. We all have issues of some kind right?

Ron Spencers Yawgmoth Force of Will Alteration

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