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Netrunner: Omnitech Wet Drive CCG Signed Card and Signed Print

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Up for auction is a new, playable (signed in silver) card, as well as a signed 8.5×11” print. I believe this is the first time I’ve ever made a print of this Netrunner image.

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Netrunner was a cyberpunk CCG designed by Richard Garfield back in 1996. This was one of my early illustration jobs. I wish I still had a copy of what I was given for the art description for this card but it was pre-email days and I don’t have the old “fax” of the assignment in my records. The original working title was “Headmem Wetchip”.

In my college days I created a stack of marbled paper by spraying a variety of garish colors of Krylon spray-paint on top of water in a big tub. I’d let the colors swirl around until it looked interesting and then slide the paper under the pigment (which was suspended on top of the water) and  then carefully lift the paper up and out. It was a fun process that always yielded magical patterns, colors and textures. “Omnitech Wet Drive” was painted on top of one of those handmade, marbled, papers.

The sketch was drawn with ballpoint pen on top of the marbled paper followed by glazes of acrylic to render out the detail.

P.S.  Chips are included 🙂

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .03 in

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