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Organ Harvest (Unglued) Artist Proof


White-backed artist proof cards are printed by Wizards of the Coast and are exclusively issued to the artist. The front of the card is identical to a regular Magic card and the back of the card is white/unprinted. The quantities issued to the artist changed through the years, see the product descriptions for more information.

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Product Information


White-backed artist proofs are printed by Wizards of the Coast and are only issued to the artist. Only 50 of each card are produced. Many of my popular cards have been completely sold out long ago. The front of the cards are printed as normal but the backs are unprinted/only white. They are unique collectible items and highly sought after by some.

Each card comes signed by the artist. The prices are dictated by popularity, rarity, and inventory–as stock reduces, prices go up on remaining cards.

Set: Unglued

Card Type: Sorcery

Oracle Text: Your team may sacrifice any number of creatures. For each creature sacrificed this way, you add 2 black.

Flavor Text: “Lucy, you’ve got some spleenin’ to do.”

Rarity: Common

Artist: Terese Nielsen

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Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × .03 in