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Luke Skywalker – Star Wars Miniatures: Legacy of the Force Packaging Art

Hey, I'm excited! I can finally talk about this!

Check out the brand new set of packaging illustrations for the Star Wars miniatures line "Legacy of the Force". These are slated for release on April 1st. I really
enjoyed painting these! They've got all of my favorite components;
single figure, portraits, tall vertical format, circular motif, a
suggestive but not super detailed background and eye catching color.

This expansion set features characters from the wildly popular Star Wars: Legacy comic book series from Dark Horse Comics, Del Rey's Legacy of the Force novels, and other favorite personalities from the Star Wars saga. I  was asked to illustrate Luke in battle armor, Boba Fett and Darth Talon… all very cool characters.

Paul, the art director for this project is an absolute delight to work with which can make a huge
difference in how much fun it is to work on a piece as well as how good
the finished product turns out. I think he does an amazing job with the

The description he gave me for the Luke piece was pretty
minimal which in most cases is nice and lets the artist really do what
they're trained to do.

So, I had two comic book references of Luke in
his stealth armor as a guide, and then
went on a search for some decent face
reference.  Here's what I found.Luke_5


is Luke in battle armor (from the Legacy comic series) he has
light saber in hand. No helmet. Aggressive stance. Eye contact with
the reference was gathered I worked up the sketch to go through the
approval channels, and then I started slinging paint for the final.
Actually, I did all three sketches at once and submitted those.  I
made any needed adjustments and then went on to the painted versions.

These illustrations are always created in sets of three and I've been working on several sets of these lately, so stay tuned for more in the future! I'll post my process for Boba Fett next.

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