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Lars Nielsen: Creating is a Long Time Passion

Lars has been finding unique ways to create ever since he could hold a brush in his tiny little hand. His creative juices have been flowing the moment he arrived. I remember watching how he would put things together whether it was a painting or a collage of odd items. I was continually fascinated at how a little being comes into the world already packed with such drive and passion to make and create things.

He’s been working like gangbusters lately. If you’d like to see what has evolved from the little guy on the right to the teenager below take a peek at what he’s up to.

At 15, he’s sitting on the cusp of his own career.  In fact, I regularly take out business loans from him . . . he’s kind of a loan shark, though.  25% plus 10 loads of laundry is pretty steep.  I think I’ll ask Al Capone next time.


You can find his all original material and follow his incredibly funny and insightful blog at: Brain Juice Ink.

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Also a must see is his collection on Deviant Art.  He’s continually working on sketches, animations and self-published comic books.


OK, now Lars . . . will you please put your Pit Bulls (Size 13 Doc
Martens) away? I’m SOOOO tired of tripping over them!  Thanks, Punkin.