Magic The Gathering


“What Do you want – an apology?” –Wolverine A.K.A. Force of Will

I’ve painted many versions of Wolverine, on Force of Will cards. He just looks good on this card. : ) However, this is the first ...
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Enter the Infinite

Whenever a new "art assignment" for Magic the Gathering appears in my inbox (or in the old days, my fax) I immediately stop whatever I'm doing ...
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“Hanna, Ship’s Navigator” the Girl Next Door?

"Hanna, Ship's Navigator" (for MtG's Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 first expansion) isn't the first time I've been asked to illustrate Hanna, but being asked ...
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Return to Ravnica – Original Art and Sketches

We’ve just added the original art and sketches for Magic the Gathering’s latest set, Return to Ravnica. We don’t have artist proofs yet, but will be sure to list them just as ...
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TLC Workshop Assignment and Materials List

It's just a little over a week away, and I'm so excited to get to meet and work with all of you attending the workshop. ...
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Avacyn Restored – Descendants’ Path – a Journey of Personal Healing

  Descendants' Path seems to have struck a cord with a lot of people, and I confess that working on it was unexpectedly transformative.  But ...
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