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Magic The GatheringMTG Alterations

Force of Will to Lili of Tekken – MTG Extreme Alteration


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Illustration WorkMagic The Gathering

Altered Playset of MtGs M11 Birds of Paradise Promo Cards

he majority of alterations I create are on Force of Will cards. However, once in a while I like to mix it up and have …

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Illustration WorkPress & Interviews

Realms of Fantasy Dec 2010 Features Terese Nielsen in Artists Gallery

Unfortunately, this is the final issue for Realms of Fantasy… I'm sorry to see them go.  They've been a great asset and support to the …

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Official Bio

The work of Terese Nielsen has captured the imagination of the gaming and comic book industry. Whether you’re immersed in the beauty of “Stream of …

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Magic The GatheringPrints for Sale

Magic the Gathering’s: Mirrodin Besieged Art Silverskin Armor

Every now and again I get assigned a Magic card that gives me enough creative freedom that I'm able to embed a lot of "me" …

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Magic The GatheringMTG Alterations

Jack Sparrow’s Force of Will, Loots Magic the Gathering’s Precious Mox’s

I've been seeing Johnny Depp's face everywhere because of his latest movie "The Tourist", and was reminded of what a great "look" he has, and …

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